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If you are an iPhone user, you will be delighted to know that several apps are now available to help you track your cleanse. The Master Cleanse Coach, offered through the iTunes store, was created by Peter Glickman who is a very active contributor and practitionor of the Master Cleanse. If you are looking for new tools to help you with learning and doing the cleanse, check out the app in iTunes.

Top Cayenne Pepper Diet News on November 2, 2009

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I am a diabetic. Can I try the Cayenne Pepper Diet?

 This recent question was asked on Yahoo Answers:

Would I have some side effects? I know that fasting is dangerous for a diabetic.

Most of the answers were from people concerned that the Cayenne Pepper Diet was dangerous for diabetics. There is some partial truth to the cautionary advice. If you are diabetic, then you need to adjust the recipe to avoid the high sugar content.

Try Agave Sryup in the  cleanse to bring down the glycemic index. Read the article Agave Syrup In The Type 2 Diabetes Cayenne Pepper Diet Recipe for more details. 

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Will I Experience Stomach Spasms on the Cayenne Pepper Diet?

It is normal to experience some stomach  spasms during the Cayenne Pepper Diet. The root of this unusual sensation could be related to the laxative tea ‘Smooth Move’. The scientific name for this is parastalsis and it’s quite normal. The tea is drank to prevent constipation and help mobilize and eliminate waste. If you don’t like the tea or prefer not to experience these stomach spasms, then you can substitute the tea with a salt water flush. 

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Cayenne Pepper Diet – How To Do The Cayenne Pepper Diet (Video)

I was searching through YouTube for Cayenne Pepper Diet videos and I found this good one that shows in simple terms how to ease into, perform, and ease out of the cleanse.

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