Beyonce’s Cayenne Pepper Diet

Lemon Diet Tea You can detoxify your body and lose weight using Beyonce’s cayenne pepper diet. Okay, the diet isn’t really hers, however she has done a lot to popularize it when she mentioned it on Oprah. This regime also isn’t precisely a diet – it’s a detox. You will drink the beyonce cayenne pepper diet drink, made of a mixture of maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water. This fast lasts 10 days and can help you eliminate years of accumulated crud in your colon. Afterwards, a common question is “what foods can I eat when on the lemon cayenne pepper detox diet?” You must ease off the diet by first drinking orange juice for a day or two, then following up with broth soup. When you finally start eating solid foods, it’s very important that you have thought about a healthy eating plan. Why not? You’ve just kick started your health!

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